Tips and Tricks to Wrapping a Christmas Gift

Tips and Tricks to Wrapping a Christmas Gift

Put it in a box!

Put your gift in a box for yourself. Wrapping a square or rectangle will be so much easier than trying to work the paper around an item with so many curves and edges. Make it simple. You'll save so much time (and stress).

Double-sided tape: three words

It will be your saving grace when it comes to gift-wrapping. I promise. This will keep you from using too much tape-and it is definitely something you can do. Using double-sided tape on your gifts will also give those edges a clean seam. (My mom wraps presents with a lot of tapes. Don't be like my mom.)

Spend a little more on thicker wrapping paper

Dollar-store wrapping paper may be cheaper, but it's for a reason. Buy thick or go home. It is also helpful to get wrapping paper with a grid pattern on the back. In addition to helping you cut straight lines, this will give you an idea of how much paper you will need. Honestly, there is nothing worse than cutting the wrapping paper and beginning the gift-wrapping process only to find that you cut it way too short or way too long.

Wrapping a gift for Christmas:

Step 1
Now that you've learned these tips and tricks, it's time to wrap up!

Roll the box over the wrapping paper from one side to the other to measure the amount of wrapping paper you'll need. In this way, you will know how much paper you will need to cover the entire box. Start cutting.
Step 2
Before you fold the paper over the box, fold the edges in just a little bit--we are looking for clean lines and seams. Fold each side over and tape the bottom and top.
Step 3 
Take your time with this step. Fold each end in one at a time. You will create two triangles by pushing the ends of the paper inward. Fold the bottom triangle up then fold the top triangle down. Tape together.
Step 4 

Repeat Step 3 on the other side. Voila! You're all set.